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Basic Analysis


探索{新西兰} | 新西兰旅游一站式信息服务

Great! You have a Title tag on your webpage and it is less than 70 chars.

Meta Desc

探索新西兰 关于新西兰旅游的一站式信息服务。 带您饱览新鲜有趣的新西兰观光活动,了解纯净美丽的新西兰各地特色与风土人情,体验舒适便捷的新西兰交通,找寻富有特色的新西兰当地住宿,尽情享受新西兰的清新与惬意。

Although this is not relevant to Search Engine Optimization, but this text is shown in search results page, this is the first impression of your website the user sees. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this tag.

Google Preview

探索{新西兰} | 新西兰旅游一站式信息服务
探索新西兰 关于新西兰旅游的一站式信息服务。...

Meta Keywords

探索新西兰, 新西兰, 探索新西兰, 旅行, 旅游, 自助游, 自驾游, 穷游, 蜜月旅行, 家庭观光, 红酒之旅, 奢华旅行, 刺激探险旅行, 新西兰旅游目的地 新西兰活动 新西兰住宿 新西兰交通 新西兰留学 新西兰旅行游记博客 探索新西兰微博 新西兰旅行优惠活动 新西兰签证 新西兰健康医疗 新西兰购物 新西兰投资, 新西兰中国春节 奥克兰高空跳伞 骑马望湖 罗托罗瓦探险游乐场 霍比屯 电影取景地 泛舟雅芳河基督城 惠灵顿蒂帕帕国家博物馆 毛利碰鼻礼 美洲杯帆船奥克兰 汤加里罗湖泊美景 克里斯欢乐户外行 库克山冰川观赏 冰河探险 拉纳克城堡 新西兰唯一城堡 羊驼农场 沙玛拉羊驼牧场 神奇Mou Waho岛 神奇岛中湖中岛中湖 瓦纳卡 山脊探险 高尔夫球俱乐部皇后镇 普尔奈茨群岛 潜水胜地 北部地区 观赏稀有鱼类, 热门旅行项目, 蝴蝶溪游乐园 奥克兰 家庭游览 动物园 高空绳索乐园 彩弹球游乐场 火箭绳索, 胡卡瀑布喷射快艇 陶波湖 怀卡托河 大虾公园 鲜虾美食, 柳岸野生动植物保护区 基督城 自然保护区 新西兰野生动物 , 霍比屯电影布景之旅 玛塔玛塔 怀卡托地区 电影布景 指环王 霍比特人 亲临中土世界, 蒂帕帕东加雷瓦国家博物馆 惠灵顿 创意互动 不可错过的景点 , 空中观光 蒂卡普 库克山 西海岸 南阿尔卑斯山 包机服务 , 皇后镇 尼古拉斯山 瓦卡蒂普湖 尼古拉斯山牧场 新西兰第三大牧场 美利努羊 弗兰克顿湾 塞西尔峰 隐藏之岛 , 野生动物巡游及观光 但尼丁 维乐斯岩石码头 泰瓦罗瓦角 北方皇家信天翁 企鹅 海豹 , 豪华观光巴士游 皇后镇 豪华大巴 豪华游船 新西兰著名景点 中文导游 观赏风光, 董诚酒店 新西兰星级优选酒店品牌 全国连锁 城市生活酒店 精品酒店, 帆船巡游 纯净之旅 罗托鲁瓦 双体帆船 神秘海湾 地热池 隐秘洞穴 饱览湖泊美景 垂钓 虹鳟鱼 毛利传说 传统新西兰美食 新西兰葡萄酒, 古怪迷宫世界 瓦纳卡湖 斯图尔特兰斯博格 主题公园 迷宫世界 世界上第一座三维迷宫, 观景火车 全国连锁 观光火车 涵盖新西兰热门景点 , 服务信息 荷尔蒙平衡片 30Plus 新西兰自然麦卢卡蜂蜜 Avoca 蜂胶牙膏 Avoca 格雷维尔牙科 牙齿健康服务 经济实惠 全流程服务。

Although they are ignored by Search engines these days, doesn't hurt to have them on your website.



Good going, DocType will help your website render correctly on older-gen web browsers and well the bane of our existence Internet Explorer.



Again this helps in rendering special characters, it helps users and your SEO score as well.



Making the Search Engine aware of the language of your website increases readability of your webpage. Kudos here!

Dublin Core


Load Analysis



tansuoxinxilan.co.nz favicon http://www.tansuoxinxilan.co.nz/images/header-footer-favicon.ico?crc=4094082454

Great that you have a favicon, helps identify your website in bookmarks, tabs but has no impact on SEO.

URL Analysis

Your URL's are perfectly formed, no need to change that.

Gzip Compression


Since it is not very difficult to enable GZip compression, its benefits far outweigh the cost of implementation. Give it a try!

Domain Age and Validity


HTML Code Analysis



You should incorporate more textual content in your website, but if your website is not content based then try to focus on the little content that you have to make it keyword rich and matching in context to your webpage.


Although not mandatory, proper heading structure is helpful to search crawlers in indexing your webpage and also giving proper importance to various sections of your page.


Your webpage contains 14 image(s) and out of which 11 don't have alt attribute.

# Code
1 <img class="block temp_no_img_src" id="u960863_img" data-orig-src="images/weibo.png?crc=155932894" alt="" title="探索新西兰BTM Weibo" width="45" height="45" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
2 <img class="block temp_no_img_src" id="u1009339_img" data-orig-src="images/facebook.png?crc=15136299" alt="" title="T暗锁新西兰 Facebook" width="45" height="45" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
3 <img class="preload temp_no_img_src" data-orig-src="images/u821548_states-a.png?crc=417358713" alt="" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
4 <img class="preload temp_no_img_src" data-orig-src="images/u821548_states-a.png?crc=417358713" alt="" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
5 <img class="block temp_no_img_src" id="u1018064_img" data-orig-src="images/logo%20_low%20res.png?crc=3911907" alt="" width="50" height="50" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
6 <img class="ImageInclude" data-col-pos="0" id="u1576887_img" data-src="images/double%20buggy%20-%20bush%20-n-%20bog%20track%20-%20on%20yer%20bike%20greymouth.jpg?crc=311172874" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903" alt="" data-width="659" data-height="371" data-muse-src="images/double%20buggy%20-%20bush%20-n-%20bog%20track%20-%20on%20yer%20bike%20greymouth.jpg?crc=311172874">
7 <img class="ImageInclude" data-col-pos="1" id="u1577051_img" data-src="images/ecozip_74.jpg?crc=241287898" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903" alt="" data-width="640" data-height="427" data-muse-src="images/ecozip_74.jpg?crc=241287898">
8 <img class="ImageInclude" data-col-pos="2" id="u1577153_img" data-src="images/9-canterbury-shamarraalpacas.jpg?crc=4136444500" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903" alt="" data-width="644" data-height="371" data-muse-src="images/9-canterbury-shamarraalpacas.jpg?crc=4136444500">
9 <img class="ImageInclude" data-col-pos="3" id="u1577102_img" data-src="images/mt%20nicholas%20farm%20experience%201.jpg?crc=169208419" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903" alt="" data-width="640" data-height="427" data-muse-src="images/mt%20nicholas%20farm%20experience%201.jpg?crc=169208419">
10 <img class="block temp_no_img_src" id="u1018066_img" data-orig-src="images/facebook.png?crc=15136299" alt="" title="T暗锁新西兰 Facebook" width="45" height="45" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">
11 <img class="block temp_no_img_src" id="u1018062_img" data-orig-src="images/weibo.png?crc=155932894" alt="" title="探索新西兰BTM Weibo" width="45" height="45" src="images/blank.gif?crc=4208392903">

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An ALT attribute represents information about the image if it is not available or till its loading. It is a good practice to have an ALT attribute associated with all images, it helps in SEO as search engines can't see the image but can read the TITLE and ALT attributes.


# Keyword Frequency
1 advertisers 2
2 copyright 1
3 rights 1


No tables.

THEAD section of a table, the table header is a great resource for the Search Engine crawler to identify the content of the table. Its great that you have a header for your table columns to identify them uniquely.

Inline CSS


WooHoo! No inline CSS. Not just it reduces page size and load time, but a separate CSS file can be cached by the browser as well.


No iFrames.

Nowadays, most social plugins use IFrames, and its content is not indexed therefore it doesn't matter much. But one should not put site's content in IFrames, which is always a good practice.


No Flash.

WooHoo! No Flash, although it is almost impossible to avoid flash when dealing with online video, it is avoidable in almost all other situations. Its great to see that you are going the right way.

Email Address

No plain text email address.

No email addresses in plain text, its great that you are protecting yours as well as your customers' information.

W3C Validity


Mobile Analysis

Upgrade to paid version for Mobile Analysis and Internal Page Analysis to improve your website SEO.

Social Analysis

Social Networking Service (SNS)

You are missing social impetus through Twitter, Google+. Twitter is a great source for Viral marketing. You are missing customers who wan't to engage with you on a social level. Although new, you can benefit from a Google Plus page as it directly ties in with various Google services and has relevance in search stats as well.

Social Share Count


Facebook Fan Page Info


Twitter Page Info



Internal vs External Links

Internal Links: 26, External Links: 3 and Nofollow Links: 0.

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Page Indexed


Visitor Analysis

By Country



Security Status


Spammer Directory


Server Signature


Its good that you have your server signature off, it helps in securing your website.


Google Analytics


Google Adsense


Server Info

Web Server: AmazonS3

Programming Language: N/A

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